Punch and Shear Transformer Core Material

In metal fabrication, punching and shearing are two distinct metalworking procedures. Metal punching is a cutting technique in which the material is removed from a metal sheet by exerting sufficient tearing power. On the other hand, metal shearing removes excess material from sheet metal without using heat or generating waste in the form of chips.

Punch and shear processing devices are metal fabrication machines that combine the functionalities of punching and shearing equipment. Typically, they are used to cut shapes and punch holes into metal sheets simultaneously.

In this article, we will take a deeper look at one of Joraco Press Company's projects which focused on punch and shear applications.

Punch & Shear Application Using Servo-Driven Feeder



Joraco Press designed and constructed a highly automated multi-press punch and shear system to produce transformer core sheets. The project’s objective was to achieve precise tolerances of 0.002 in. around the burr of the punched hole in the steel sheet. Moreover, the client generally used the system in electrical transformers.

Engineers designed, fabricated, and rigorously tested the punch tools to ensure dimensional accuracy in the stack core transformer design for the client. Various in-house tests were also conducted to confirm that the tools consistently generated holes of the desired size and shape.

Joraco Press Company delivered this automated fabrication technology with a set of carbide tools that we precisely honed. Due to carbide’s ability to keep its cutting edge even during high-speed punching, the tooling achieves exact tolerances and delivers accurate components during long production runs.

Capabilities Applied and Processes

To achieve the exact tolerances required, Joraco Press applied the following processes:ownnnNToi54

  • Punching: Metal punching stamps a shape onto a surface via pressure or percussion using a steel punching tool. This method removes material from a metal sheet by exerting sufficient cutting power.
  • Shearing: Metal shearing cuts through a metal sheet using a blade attached to a tool or machine. A squaring arm controls the placement of the cut, allowing a metal sheet to be placed in a precise area.
  • Servo Feeding: The servo feeding process uses a machine motor that powers the feed roller via a synchronous belt wheel. It also utilizes the release signal supplied by the punch cam to discharge the generated error through the cylinder.

Equipment Used To Manufacture and Overall Dimensions

The following machines and devices are used to fabricate the multi-press punch and shear system:

  • 2x TOGGLE-AIRE® Series Model 2530 Press: The Model 2530 Press has a repeatability of 0.001 inches and can cycle up to 80 strokes per minute — faster cycle times with shorter-than-standard strokes.
  • Carbide Tooling Package: The precision-sharpened carbide tooling package enabled the system to create accurate components across extended production runs while preserving its cutting edge.
  • Servo Motor: A servo motor is a rotary or linear actuator that permits exact control of position, velocity, and acceleration. It consists of an efficient engine coupled with a position feedback sensor.

The overall part dimensions of the system are 29.5 in. (width) x 30.75 in. (depth) x 63 in. (height).

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