Stay Compliant with a Clean Room Package

Joraco Press Company offers a solution for customers who need to operate their press in a clean room environment. We manufacture the TOGGLE-AIRE®, DIRECT-AIRE®, and HYDRO-AIRE® product lines to be precise and accurate across its range, but with the addition of a Clean Room Package, they will also be cleaner and more compliant with universal guidelines.

What Is A Clean Room?

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A clean room is a controlled, engineered space that limits the flow of airborne contaminates and is used when critical components are manufactured. They are required in the pharmaceutical, nanoelectronics, and biotechnology industries to eliminate possible hazardous toxins or compounds from contaminating products or equipment. Clean Rooms are also needed in industrial applications that demand an uncontaminated working environment.

Clean Room Press Series Specifications

Joraco Press Company's Clean Room Package (CLEAN) specifications include the following:DA800H_MED_1200px

  • Particle density for a particle of 0.3 µm or larger is less than 3.5 particles
  • Press noise silencing effect of 40 dB (A) or more
  • PTFE – No Lubrication Bearing Surface
  • 400 Series Stainless Steel (includes all fasteners, ram, and precision ground platen)
  • Internally contained lubrication for ram

Clean Room Press Attributes

Joraco Press Company Clean Room Series also offers the following press attributes:

Compliance Equivalent to Class 100

An ISO 5 Class clean room, also identified as a Class 100 clean room, is a manufactured structure with soft or hard-sided walls that use High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filtration systems. HEPA systems are required to maintain air cleanliness levels of up to 100 particles (≥0.5 µm) per cubic meter of the inside air. ISO 14644 is another guideline used for complaince.

Quiet Operation (Noise Level Reduction of 40 dB (A) or More)

The noise level should not exceed 60 dB (A) in a laminar clean room and 65 dB (A) in a turbulent one. Joraco developed a clean room press that meets and reduces noise standard levels.

Lubrication-Free Wear Services

Clean room lubricants require specially distilled oils to remove the more volatile, lighter particles that may evaporate quickly. In addition, some standards require special thickening agents that do not contain metals, reactive compounds, or other large particles.

Stainless Steel Construction

Stainless steel is known to be sturdy and can withstand the most rigorous cleaning process. Mainly, Grade 304 stainless steel is unreactive to most acids and alkalis, which aids in the prevention of corrosion-related contamination.

Ram Wiper System

Clean room wipers differ from regular wipers because they contain less lint to protect against pollutants. They also have greater absorption capacity, resistance to chemicals and abrasion, and better cleaning capabilities. AIM Joraco provides a press series with an upgraded wiper system for various applications.

Other options include the following attributes:

  • Element Service Indicator
  • Adjustable Output
  • Filter, Regulator, Lubricator (FRL) – Clean Room Compliance
  • Dwell Timer (DT)
  • Non-Rotating Ram (NR)
  • Adjustable Ram Speed Control (SC)
  • Optical “No-Touch” Anti-Tie Down Actuation (SS-OT)
  • Special FDA Powder Coat Finish
  • Clean Room Guarding, Bevel, and/or Sealants

Markets Served With Joraco Clean Room Press Series

The mission of Joraco Press Company is to provide superior-quality presses to various markets and industries. The following are four industries the company is targeting:

Pharmaceutical Industries

Pharmaceutical manufacturing necessitates a high degree of cleanliness and germ-free environments. Clean rooms can provide streamlined processes wherein products are protected from contaminants, such as dust, airborne pathogens, and atmospheric emissions.

Life Sciences Industries

A clean room is a functional necessity in the life sciences industries. It is vital to control any particulate and microbial contamination to ensure the product or output quality. Additionally, preserving the highest quality standards possible guarantees high efficiency and reputation.

Regenerative Medicine Industries

A strict clean room and clean room press are required to maintain the quality of cell-based medicinal products since the process involves living drugs.

Surgical Industries

All surgical industries use clean room technology to reduce airborne contaminants and maintain an antimicrobial setting in securing the safety of both patients and surgeons.

Applications of Joraco Clean Room Press Series

Aside from the standard applications of clean rooms and clean room presses, some uses of Joraco Clean Room Presses include the following:

Tissue Cutting/Sampling

Clean rooms are constrained areas where filters and cleaning can control particle count and microbiological levels. This minimizes microbial contamination and prevents contamination levels from rising during tissue cutting and sampling.

Implant Assembly

Implant placement requires a high level of sanitation to avoid potentially dangerous infections caused by contamination. Clean rooms also help to reduce implant failure and disease progression by maintaining hygiene during the assembly process.

Medical Device Assembly

Medical device fabrication is a highly controlled industry in which companies strive to create quality products without endangering a patient’s health. They are designed for use in healthcare settings where hygiene and the need to prevent contamination are of the utmost importance.

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