Compaction of Explosive Powders

Powder compaction is gradually becoming an essential industrial manufacturing technique for producing components with complex shapes and structures. It is the process of tamping powder particles in a die using high pressures. The tools are typically held vertically, with the punch tool forming the bottom of the chamber. After that, the powder is compacted into a shape and ejected from the cylinder.

A powder compacting press compresses granular and powdered raw materials into various standard and custom-shaped units. It can suppress a wide range of products with high product density specifications and can compact multiple pieces at once, making it ideal for large production industries. In addition, the press requires innovative integrated machines, electricity, liquid, and gas control, as well as an automatic feeding and discharging device.

This article will discuss the different types of powder compacting presses and a product developed by Joraco Press Company.

Types of Powder Press Machines

The four most common types of press machines used to compact powder material are as follows:

Hydraulic Press

A hydraulic press generates compressive force by using a hydraulic cylinder. It is appropriate for the industries of carbides, powder metals, ceramics, polymers, and other particulate materials. Furthermore, hydraulic presses are commonly used in factories that manufacture powder products.

Mechanical Press

Mechanical presses are frequently used in manufacturing technical ceramics, but they are also well-suited for other commercial processes. Compared to hydraulic press machines, mechanical powder presses have limited maximum compaction forces that are typically greater than or equal to 5000kN.

Electric Press

Electric powder presses are servo-powered machines that compress materials at extremely high pressures. Because of their servos, they can regulate the placement and response time of the output shaft instead of keeping a constant press cycle speed. Moreover, electric metal presses can perform several functions and use a closed-looping feedback mechanism to enable a more precise cycle rate and load regulation.

Isostatic Press

Isostatic presses enable users to produce uniform-density components using a dry bag design, simplifying and improving powder filling, compaction, and ejection. These machines are typically used in ceramics, carbides, composite materials, pharmaceuticals, and explosives.

Joraco Compacting Press

Joraco Press Company developed a compacting press for the world’s leading provider of technology for the oil and gas industry. It is the outcome of the need to design an explosion-proof mechanism with an integrated safety capacity. It must also adhere to industry standards, legal requirements, and the company’s clear and specific guidelines.


Joraco designed and built this compacting press entirely in-house. This included reinforced machine guarding, a robust protection system, integrated safety features for operators and equipment protection, and a process control system for capsule consistency.

Capabilities Applied

The following are features highlighted in the developed compacting press:

  • Compacting: The press is intended to pack explosive substances into capsules for oil well-perforating processes.
  • Force Monitoring: The force monitoring system determines the compaction work of delicate substances and reinforces the proper press operation. It also offers control signals, alarm systems, real-time inspection, and quality assurance data recording.

Equipment and Specifications

DIRECT-AIRE® Series Model DA400T is a Joraco benchtop pneumatic press with a capacity of 2300lbs of force. It includes a straight pneumatic cylinder for applications that require full force throughout the stroke.

The overall part dimensions are 13 in. (width) x 18 in. (depth) x 42 in. (height) for the press and enclosure.

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