What is a Toggle Press?

At Joraco Press Company, we are pleased to offer the highest quality precision pneumatic presses, rotary indexing machines, and fabrication tooling for a wide range of applications. Our toggle presses offer superior accuracy and reliability, so you can be sure that your manufacturing and assembly processes are running as smoothly and efficiently as possible without the mechanical complications common with hydraulic and power presses.


A toggle press is an industrial tool used to perform a variety of applications that need high force in a small space. Rather than using electrical power, a toggle press relies upon pneumatic power to exert force through a series of strategically placed levers.TA1030 Toggle Joint 3D

The mechanism consists of toggle lever connected to a secondary toggle, which manipulates the compressing piston by pressing it downward into flat material fastened to the press table. The use of toggles significantly increases the pressure placed on the material by multiplying the force. As such, toggle presses often exceed the available force of other common bending methods such as hammer striking. Incorporating pneumatics into the system enables an exponential increase in available force, significantly increasing pressure while reducing manual strain on operators.

The TOGGLE-AIRE® Series Presses

Joraco Press Company provides superior toggle presses that meet the diverse needs of customers across manufacturing verticals. Our press capacities range from ½ ton up to 32 tons at 100 PSI, ensuring that we have an appropriate machine for nearly any application.TA3530_1200px

·       16-ton press– TOGGLE-AIRE® Model 3530 Benchtop Pneumatic Press

·       10-ton press– TOGGLE-AIRE® Model 2530 Benchtop Pneumatic Press

·       5-ton press– TOGGLE-AIRE® Model 1530 Benchtop Pneumatic Press

·       3-ton pressTOGGLE-AIRE® Model 1030 Benchtop Pneumatic Press 


Joraco Press: The Pneumatic Toggle Press Innovators.®

Since 1961, Joraco Press has been dedicated to the production of reliable and innovative presses and indexing machines with simple, safe designs that are easily controlled and maintained. Our knowledgeable engineers provide in-depth analyses of new and existing equipment to better integrate our press into your cell or automated line.

All of our equipment is manufactured using top-of-the line machined plate and weldments at our Smithfield, RI facility. Our equipment is accurate, dependable, and cost-effective. For more information on our press products and services, contact us today!

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