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Improve Your Output With Rotary Indexers
Improve Your Output With Rotary Indexers
Rotary indexers are machines used in manufacturing and automation processes to precisely position and rotate parts during various production...
How Does a Pneumatic Press Work?
How Does a Pneumatic Press Work?
From dental equipment to roofing guns to tractor brakes, you will find pneumatic systems in a wide range of applications. In manufacturing, ...
What is a Toggle Press?
What is a Toggle Press?
At Joraco Press Company, we are pleased to offer the highest quality precision pneumatic presses, rotary indexing machines, and fabrication ...

Our testimonials

Lightolier has used the 3 Ton Toggle-Aire® Model 1030 for most small press assemblies in Fall River, MA, as well as Mexico. Through the years we have had several custom piercing stations built including one over 14 feet long. One of the reasons we contacted Joraco is because the presses we were using could not handle the hundreds of thousands of cycles that your machines have proven to withstand. Your presses are pure workhorses — without the unnecessary bells and whistles. We appreciate that you’re local, priced competitively and easy to work with. Not only have you accommodated a visit to our facility prior to providing a quotation, but we’ve also seen you work overtime to make our deadline. We will certainly consider Joraco for any future projects involving presses and custom assembly systems.

Karl Mortensen

Senior Project Engineer | Lightolier, A Division of Phillips. Fall River, MA

Over the years, we have approached Joraco for multiple application needs that require a customized solution. For example, Joraco was the only press manufacturer able to accommodate our need for an extremely tall hand press. I am particularly impressed with their excellent delivery and overall product durability – after years of operation our machines have maintained their production consistency while requiring very little maintenance.

Honeywell Hobbs, Springfield, IL

Fantastic company. If you have a fabrication problem that involves pressing or cutting parts they can help. They are a press manufacturer but they really are a one stop shop for tooling and out of the box ideas to allow a press to perform difficult functions. They really are a solutions company (using presses) not just a press company. Nice to see this knowledge and technical ability in Rhode Island. As I worked through design issues for a production line they came through every time. If I had tried to do it via phone and email to a larger company in the mid-west it would have never happened or I would have not recieved everything I needed.

Jack King Jr.

Vice Presient | National Refrigeration, Warwick, RI

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