Improve Your Output With Rotary Indexers

Rotary indexers are machines used in manufacturing and automation processes to precisely position and rotate parts during various production stages. They consist of a rotary table with multiple indexing positions, allowing for accurate workpiece positioning and orientation. Furthermore, they are widely used in assembly lines, packaging, inspection, and machining processes.

Manufacturers often employ these machines to minimize the manual positioning and orientation of parts during production, significantly improving throughput. In this article, we will explore how these indexers work and how they can enhance production efficiency.

How Do Rotary Indexers Work?


A standard rotary indexer comprises a table with multiple indexing positions, a motor, a drive mechanism, and a control system. The table’s indexing positions are purposefully designed to securely grip the workpiece. The motor spins the table, while the drive mechanism ensures the precise alignment of the part. Finally, the control system directs the indexer to rotate the table to the preferred orientation at each production stage.

The specific demands of the manufacturing process determine the type of rotary indexer utilized. For example, high-speed applications require a machine that can rotate the workpiece quickly and reliably to keep up with the rapid production pace. Therefore, these types of indexers usually have a smaller number of indexing positions to allow for faster indexing and higher throughput.

In contrast, high-precision applications require machines that provide accurate positioning with minimal error. These indexers typically have a higher number of indexing positions and a higher degree of accuracy in their positioning system. They are often used in machining, inspection, and assembly applications where precision is critical to the final product’s quality.

Advantages of Rotary Indexers

A rotary indexing machine is a valuable tool for manufacturers looking to improve their efficiency, accuracy, and productivity. It offers the following benefits which can help manufacturers optimize their manufacturing processes and improve their bottom line:

Increased Productivity

An indexer automates the workpiece or part positioning and orientation, reducing the need for manual labor and minimizing the risk of errors. This increases productivity and faster production cycles, resulting in higher throughput.


Most rotary indexing machines are versatile and can be customized to fit unique workpiece shapes or sizes. This flexibility allows manufacturers to adapt to changing production needs and optimize their manufacturing processes for better efficiency and quality.

Reduced Setup Time

With indexers, setup time can be substantially reduced since the control system can quickly program the machine to rotate the workpiece. This minimizes downtime between production runs and increases overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).

Energy Efficiency

The indexing machines are known for their energy efficiency, a critical consideration for many production plants. They can help companies reduce energy bills and carbon footprint by consuming less energy than other positioning systems and equipment.

Space-Saving Feature

Due to their compact size, indexers occupy less floor space than other systems. This feature makes them ideal for manufacturing plants with limited floor space, as they can help maximize production areas. Additionally, manufacturers can fit more equipment into their factories, increasing production capacity and throughput.

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